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Why go to the barber?

Why go to the barber shop

Have you ever asked yourself about this in a philosophical way?

Exactly, you did not. Well, we all know that “barba not facit philosophum” (“A beard does not constitute a philosopher”), but can we talk about this from the point of view of a philosopher? Yes, we can! Actually, from the point of view attributed to aesthetics.

Any enhancement of symmetry, order, and harmony makes you more appealing for other people and, of course, it gives you a better image of yourself. That, at least, as long as it is a natural enhancement.

Beauty has been discussed from Plato to the present moment. It is also a question of symbols. The beard is one of the classic symbols of masculinity, maturity, and wisdom. Not everybody looks great with a beard, but those who do are really wasting important natural resources by not growing one and taking great care of it.

Taking care of the beard was and still is a very meticulous process that increases your aesthetic faculties. The barber who can give it the shape that best fits your face and body proportions can be called a master.

Going to the barber is not just a responsibility one has regarding his beard, but also a ritual. Friendships are born, strong relationships and most importantly I think… The feeling of being part of something larger than yourself, something that is not generally considered basic and that is a group, a cultural group. You don’t have to identify yourself with the group, but it subconsciously gives you a power you don’t realize that you are using on a daily basis.

Group of man barber shop

If your mind does not feel alone in the universe, in other words: if you feel that you belong to a group you gain group skills. And no, this is not something based on a video game, but something based on our very nature. Imagine gaining, without even knowing, traits that your smart-looking “bearded” friends have. It is, for everybody at a different level, possible.

What else do you want to hear? That most philosophers (until 1800) had beards?! That you can enjoy thinking and going your fingers through it?! That you can somewhat hide your beautiful smile and keep it only for those who really deserve it ?!

Go to your barber. Make the most of your beard. Start reading more. And keep thinking so that you can always make sure that you exist (Descartes fans will get this. If you don’t, get your beard shaped and grab his books).


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What Men Should Look for in a Perfect Barber Shop


If you wish to get a haircut and a beard, the first thing you should not do is, to look for a cheap barbershop.

Investing in a good haircut or a beard trip will not only leave you feeling more confident but also offer a good impression to others. No need to go for the cheapest ones but also not the most expensive ones. Have a decent budget but also look for the services offered along with it.

E.g. A few barbers may give you a special towel treatment with some pampering and a quick head massage as an add-on to your hair cut.

Some barbers are known for their hairstyles or their reputation in the haircutting industry. Check out the reviews of such barbershops online and also with your friends or colleagues. Time is also of significance.

So, check which barber if he gives you an appointment or just asks you to step in and make you wait. However, at times if the barber is very busy, he may also be quite popular. So you may want to plan your next hair cut in advance with him.

When you arrive at the barbershop, you must look for the hygiene standards of the salon and product quality used by the barber. Finally, remember that a good barber will always offer you the best advice that is suitable for you.

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You can book an independent barber with our Appointment Booking & Planner for a good haircut and beard.

5 Mistakes to Avoid As a Barber

A shaving pad in a shaving foam container on a table

Barbering is definitely not an easy job. Due to the required precision and exactness, messing up by even an inch can ruin your client’s look. That’s exactly why this profession is widely appreciated and hard to master.

There are a few qualities that make a barber the best in towns, such as the accurate perfection, the masterful finishing touches, and understanding and acting according to your client’s exact preferences and hair type. However, there are some mistakes that even the best of them make, which can easily ruin the finished product for them by an inch.

Here are the 5 most common mistakes made by barbers that you should remember to avoid.

#1 Thinning Shears:

A common mistake that barbers often make is using thinning shears for thinning, even though it’s kind of ironic. The right way to use thinning shears is to use them for texturizing and diffusing, which means you have to keep them away from your client’s roots and use them at the ends.

#2 Combs:

Another thing to remember is to stop using regular combs to get your client’s hair to lay flat under the clipper guard, as they will only make your job much harder for you. A flat brush is a much better option as it efficiently creates tension with the density of its bristles, instead of pushing channels into your client’s hair like a comb.

#3 Hair Growth’s Direction:

One of the most essential parts of haircutting is observing your client’s hair closely beforehand and figuring out the direction of their hair growth. With curly hair, finding the hair growth’s direction can be a bit difficult, but it’s still possible and necessary since the direction will be visible if you’re cutting the hair really low.

#4 Afro Hair:

It’s important to understand that cutting afro hair is completely different than cutting any other type of hair. Just because afro hair is thicker and stronger than the rest, does not mean that it’s safe to be harsh on their hair. Another thing to remember is to not cut too close to their skin since curly hair is much more prone to ingrown hairs.

#5 Advice:

The best way to make your customers leave your shop feeling like a million bucks is to analyze their hair type and condition and give them advice according to it. Staying quiet and restraining from making small talk and comments with your client will only put your customer off.

If you’re an aspiring barber, it’s best to avoid these 5 mistakes and keep these simple tips in mind to be at the top of your game in no time.

After perfecting your craft, a great way to connect with and book appointments with your clients is Ring My Barber. This is an online appointment booking service that lets professional barbers and hairstylists like yourself offer your services to your clients.

Head on over to www.ringmybarber.com to download the app and register yourself as a professional barber or, if you’re a client, book appointments with talented, expert barbers and hairstylists whenever you please.

How to Transform Your Hair with RingMyBarber

A preview with 3 of the best male barbers in the RingMyBarber app

The reason we take care of our hair religiously is that it plays a big role in defining your appearance. The color, the texture, the length, and the way you style your hair showcases a part of your personality to the world, which is why you have to make sure it always looks its best.

According to Elaine Slater, The British Fashion Council’s resident psychologist, hair is one of the features most often recalled after a social interaction. It’s a widely known fact that a hair transformation can work wonders for you. Since you can change your hair whenever you feel, the sense of control gives you confidence which not only shows physically but also makes you feel much better mentally.

Plus, we all know it’s best to change things up in your appearance once in a while to make sure things are always exciting and fun for you and that you never get bored of how you look. From Rosie Huntington getting a bob to Sienna Miller becoming a redhead, it’s clear that 2020 is the year of hair transformation.

To make sure that your hair transformation is as dramatic and beautiful as you want it to be, it’s best to go for www.ringmybarber.com as your first option. Read on to find out all you need to know about Ring My Barber and how to make an appointment with a hairstylist or barber to give your hair a quick and wonderful makeover.

Ring My Barber is an online appointment booking app for anyone who’s looking for a quick way to connect with a professional hairstylist or barber. The app has many options, for both clients and barbers. Not only can you find hundreds of professional hairstylists and barbers to be at your service whenever you want, but you can also get access to new, independent stylists to give them an opportunity to earn from their unrecognized talent.

Plus, if you’re a barber or hairstylist yourself, you can promote your business on Ring My Barber and book appointments with your clients with ease in accordance with your flexible schedule. We understand the struggle of taking time out of your busy schedule only to show up at a totally busy salon.

That’s why Ring My Stylist offers features to discuss your available timings with your preferred barber or hairstylist so that you both can come to an agreement on a convenient time and place for your appointment. The convenience for your schedule is one of the reasons you should download Ring My Stylist right away, but their variety of many professional and experienced hairstylists and barbers is also a tempting reason. So what are you waiting for?

Head on over to www.ringmybarber.com so that you can download the app, book an appointment with the barber or hairstylist that you deem the most suitable for your required services, and treat your hair to a jaw-dropping hair transformation right away to feel and look your best instantly!

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