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Ring My Barber is the easiest way to connect with your clients and to book your appointments.
30 days free trial, then $9.99/month

About Ring My Barber

More Than Just An Appointment Booking App, It’s Life Made Easy!

Are you a Barber? Do you want to schedule an appointment and connect directly with your clients with relative ease? Or perhaps you’re just looking to make your barber business more professional and organized. If yes, then congrats because things just got better! We bring to you a new reason to smile and it’s called - Ring My Barber!

for barbers

Quality Delivery Is Important, But Good Planning & Direct Connection Comes First!

for Clients

Download the app and book your next appointment!


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS APP. I used to have such a hard time getting ahold of my barber!! Well no more I like setting up my own appointments!! Thank you to whoever made this app!! Love it!!


Very easy to set up and use app for both customer and stylist standpoint! Allows you to easily set up appointments on the go! As a barber makes keeping tabs of your upcoming appointments super easy! I have had no issues with this app running the newest iOS 12 and Will definitely be letting others know about this so they can use it! Anything that makes life a little easier is a win to me!


This app is revolutionary from all perspectives. As client, I’ve been challenged to find an app that made it easy for me to book an appointment with my personal stylist. Before this app, I would have to call or text my stylist in order to book an appointment. That’s time consuming, but with RMS, it takes just seconds to book an appointment. One of best part is you will never miss your appointment. On top of all of this, I use this app to book my Pilates appointments. Overall it’s free for the clients and easy to use! I highly recommend this app, 5 stars!


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