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Why go to the barber?

Why go to the barber shop

Have you ever asked yourself about this in a philosophical way?

Exactly, you did not. Well, we all know that “barba not facit philosophum” (“A beard does not constitute a philosopher”), but can we talk about this from the point of view of a philosopher? Yes, we can! Actually, from the point of view attributed to aesthetics.

Any enhancement of symmetry, order, and harmony makes you more appealing for other people and, of course, it gives you a better image of yourself. That, at least, as long as it is a natural enhancement.

Beauty has been discussed from Plato to the present moment. It is also a question of symbols. The beard is one of the classic symbols of masculinity, maturity, and wisdom. Not everybody looks great with a beard, but those who do are really wasting important natural resources by not growing one and taking great care of it.

Taking care of the beard was and still is a very meticulous process that increases your aesthetic faculties. The barber who can give it the shape that best fits your face and body proportions can be called a master.

Going to the barber is not just a responsibility one has regarding his beard, but also a ritual. Friendships are born, strong relationships and most importantly I think… The feeling of being part of something larger than yourself, something that is not generally considered basic and that is a group, a cultural group. You don’t have to identify yourself with the group, but it subconsciously gives you a power you don’t realize that you are using on a daily basis.

Group of man barber shop

If your mind does not feel alone in the universe, in other words: if you feel that you belong to a group you gain group skills. And no, this is not something based on a video game, but something based on our very nature. Imagine gaining, without even knowing, traits that your smart-looking “bearded” friends have. It is, for everybody at a different level, possible.

What else do you want to hear? That most philosophers (until 1800) had beards?! That you can enjoy thinking and going your fingers through it?! That you can somewhat hide your beautiful smile and keep it only for those who really deserve it ?!

Go to your barber. Make the most of your beard. Start reading more. And keep thinking so that you can always make sure that you exist (Descartes fans will get this. If you don’t, get your beard shaped and grab his books).


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