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How to attract customers to a barber shop?

How do you get people to come to your barber’s shop?

* You can create an advertisement to show the different hairstyles you offer.
* You can also offer discounts like buying 3 haircuts at regular price and getting the 4th free.
* You can have customer loyalty programs where you come in for your first haircut, and you get the second one for free.
* You can also offer free haircuts to people who refer their family and friends.


To attract customers, you should be a good marketer. In marketing, the product one has to do some other things apart from advertising like:

  • good products for barber shops
  • good location that is easily accessible by public
  • good marketing strategies like displaying the products
  • proper display of products

To make customers come to the barbershop, an essential thing is that the price should be affordable.

If the customers are not satisfied with the services they get, they will not come again. If a customer is satisfied, they may refer some of their friends to where they are satisfied. What are your tips for attracting customers to your barbershop?

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