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What Makes a Good Barber?

A Good Barber

We may have wandered into a variety of salons throughout our lives and got our services from an array of professionals – yet it is always than one barber, that one haircut that makes you return to the same barber time and again.

Yet, is it always the work of the barber that attracts you to them?

As humans, we search for numerous qualities in another – and just being good on the job never suffices.

If you are retelling the story of the best haircut you’ve ever had, you would probably include details like how friendly the barber was, how they listened to you, how they gave you exactly what you desired, etc.

What does this tell us?

Many things make a good barber. Let’s find out!

Streaks of Creativity!

When one goes to get a haircut, they seldom want a standard, regular, run-of-the-mill sort of cut. Instead, a hair revamp is a way for people to start afresh and recreate their persona.

In this – a barber enters for assistance.

A good barber has several tricks up their sleeve including many new styles and new cuts that could completely change a person’s outlook for the better.

Fond of playing with hair as children, as an individual grows up to turn into an excellent barber; creativity is just what their hands express when given the hair canvas.

An abundance of Knowledge (& Experience is a plus!)

Like every profession, becoming a barber also comes after years of studying (barbering courses) and a long time of cutting and styling hair.

To check if your barber is as good as he seems, test his knowledge.

Ask him questions about hair and the perfect look to suit your face. If he answers without a hint of hesitation, and the answers seem acceptable, you might have just got yourself a great barber!

Also, good word of mouth is a big plus when choosing the barber as it exclaims experience and practice – and of course, practice makes perfect!

Good Listening Skills

As we sit on the mechanical chair, the barber faces us with scissors in hand and an inquisitive look on his face.

At this point, every barber will ask for the hair look the client wishes to create. Yet, a good barber listens to your desires quietly and then presents his own opinion to what suits your face best.

With years of experience in the field, a good barber only wishes the best for their client and never shies away from letting them know.

However, the end decision always lies with the customer as the customer is always king!

Respect for the Workplace and Profession

Perhaps the most important of all, what sets apart a regular barber from a good one is their respect for their workplace and profession.

If you wander into a barbershop and find it full of stray hair and other litter – you might make your way out. Thus, a good barber always keeps their workplace spick and span – with sanitized tools and a clean environment.

A good barber is also proud of his profession, with an unwavering set of morals and a high standard of rules they abide by.

For example, not being biased in client selection when many clients are in waiting and are on personal terms with one of them.

Ending Note

While you can find an array of barbershops lining each road, a good barber comes rarely. With an application like Ring My Barber, however, we have made your search easier!

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