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Safety And Hygiene Measures Barbers Must Take

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Current times are trying times. We’re all struggling to get back to our normal way of life, or at least adapt to a new way that mimics our old routines. Billions around the globe are struggling, and as businesses and shops struggle to reopen, we find ourselves facing new challenges. We have been introduced to new procedures that we hope will help protect our lives. Here are the safety precautions and hygiene measures that barbers must take to adapt to this new lifestyle.

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#1 Face Masks

Barbers find themselves in close proximity with their customers. Creating a gap of six feet is impossible when you’re trying to do such an intricate job. So to protect themselves, barbers must make use of face masks, both for themselves and for the customers. Wear the mask yourself, and if you spot a customer without it, make them wear it too.

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#2 Gloves

Plastic gloves are an item that’s easily available on the market, and to prevent exposure to any germs or the virus, gloves are important now, and always. The hair that you’re snipping at might easily stick to your skin and get in the way when you’re dealing with customers. Plastic gloves will limit exposure to both the virus and to any unwanted items.

#3 Clean Hands

Despite wearing plastic gloves, exposure to any germs or viruses is quite easily created. Wash your hands repeatedly with lots of anti-bacterial soap, and use a hand sanitizer after you’re done drying them off. Keep sanitizer around the shop for customers too, and make cleaning your hands a common practice.

#4 Disinfectant Spray

To be on the safe side find yourself a bottle of an antiseptic disinfectant such as Dettol, and spray it all around the shop abundantly. This will prevent any virus from spreading and bacteria from taking hold.

#5 Clean Premises

No one wants to come into a shop with remnants of hair and reminders of old customers lying all over the place. Clean up after each customer and as you go. Make sure the shop is clean and in hygienic condition at all times. Benches should be cleaned up after each client with a clean covering placed over it.

#6 Prevent Cross-Contamination

By now, all of us have a first hand or at least second-hand knowledge of how quickly viruses and bacteria tend to spread. To prevent any sort of external contaminants from spreading all over the materials in use, keep your liquids and creams in single usage bottles which can be thrown out after use. No double-dipping should be allowed. Sweep your scissors and working materials with disinfectants to keep them clean and up to standards.

Even without the virus affecting us, there were always rules that we needed to follow. These rules pose no harm to anyone, so it is best to adapt to these and make them our everyday hygiene rules. If you’re looking for independent barbers who live up to these standards, head over to www.ringmybarber.com to book one for yourself. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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