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Questions To Ask Your Barber Before A Haircut

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Miscommunication between the barber and the customer usually results in an unsatisfying haircut, which is why we are here with 6 important questions that you need to ask your barber before a haircut.

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#1 What Are Your Qualifications?

The first thing that you must ask your barber before getting a haircut is his qualifications and work experience. You should know if he is officially permitted to become a barber and has experience in haircutting, making the barber capable of giving you the haircut that you desire. If the barber is not qualified enough, then they will surely make a mistake and then you will end up going back home with an awful haircut and a frown on your face.

#2 Can I See Some Previous Work?

If you still aren’t completely sure if you should trust the barber with your hair, then you should ask him to show pictures of his previous works so that you can take a look and judge if he is capable enough or not. You can even ask him if he has pictures of the haircut that you wish for so you see what the outcome would look like.

#3 What Haircut Suits Me Best?

Now that you have trusted the barber with cutting and styling your hair, it is time to use his expertise and ask him what haircut would suit you best according to your face shape and hair type. Barbers have a lot of experience with cutting and styling hair on different faces and hair types, so they would know what haircut will help you enhance your feature and look fresh.

#4 What Does That Mean?

Barbers have their very own slangs that they use while working on a haircut that can be very confusing for people who do not know much about haircuts or any terms related to them. So if your barber uses an unknown term while asking a question regards your hairstyle, then don’t hesitate to ask him what it means and how it will turn out. This will only help you and the barber communicate better for the perfect haircut.

#5 What Products Are You Using?

Usually when we get home from the barbershop and try restyling our hair the way the barber did it, eventually failing to do so and then wonder what went wrong? Well, mostly the case is the products that the barber uses to set your hair in place. So if you want to prevent any confusion in the future, just ask what your barber just used on your hair so that you can use the same product to style your hair when you get home.

#6 When Should I Get My Next Haircut?

Don’t forget to ask your barber about when you should get your next haircut because due to their experience, barbers know when your hair will need trimming or styling again before they start to look unruly or messy.

We these 6 important questions, you can easily eliminate all kinds of confusion between you and your barber, resulting in an amazing haircutting experience. You can even check out RingMyBarber.com to book yourself an appointment with the best barbers in your area.

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