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5 Rules Professional Barbers Always Follow

Professional Barbers

Being a barber is just as important a profession as others. Especially now that we’ve come so far from the messy, uncut looks that ruled the 60s and 70s. Getting a good barber who knows their stuff is a dream of any customer, so how do you build yourself up to expectations? Here are five rules that professional barbers must always follow.

#1 Be Patient

Often times a customer will come into the shop either not knowing what they want, or completely frazzled and confused about what they do want. Be willing to be patient with the customer and help them with what they want, whether it be which color dye will suit their complexion the best, or which cut will complement their features. A guiding hand in times like these is a godsend. Be willing to guide the customer while not being bossy, and who knows how many people they’ll tell about you.

#2 Keep It, Professional

Some customers like chit-chatting while they get their cut. Often times they start talking about their families as they go. While the customer will appreciate a barber who knows how to make small talk, they won’t appreciate one weeping on their shoulders about their lost love and the one that got away.

#3 Make The Customer Comfortable

Keep up to the customer’s needs. While this doesn’t mean that you should start washing their feet and serving them tea, a good barber will bring a sense of comfort to their customer. Whether it be helping them with what they want, or keeping up a steady stream of chatter, or reassuring them after the cut.

#4 Keep The Shop Clean

No customer will think highly of a shop with the remains of an old customer’s hair strewn all over the floor. A good barber is one who cleans after themselves. Clean as you go, while you wait for the bleach to set in, the dye to do its work, the customer to choose their cut, or just for them to come back from the loo. First impressions are often the most important, so make sure to make a good one, or the customer will trace their steps out the door.

#5 Stay Up To Date

Keep yourself up to date with the latest cuts, trends, hair colors, styles, and all things related to your profession. Be a good barber who has a vast array of knowledge about everything concerning their profession. Trends change quickly, one moment you’ll be dying your customer’s hair pink and straightening it out, the next moment they’ll be going platinum blond with a perm. You need to be willing to go with the flow of the trends to make a truly good barber.

Being a barber is a demanding profession, and a widely needed one too. Many people forget to appreciate them, but it feels like quarantine will turn the tide. Good barbers are a blessing to mankind, and if you’re looking for an independent barber, you can find one at www.ringmybarber.com to suit your needs.


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